Green Grover is a small business with a big heart.

Not only do we love companion animals but we love the planet that sustains them!  That's why a percentage of our proceeds goes to non-profit organizations dedicated to conservation.


Green Grover strives to reduce the frequency of pet relinquishment and euthanasia, as well as improve the health and well-being of our pet dogs.  At Green Grover, we aim to do that by helping pet owners mitigate human-animal conflict, improve standards of care, and enhance the human-animal bond.


At Green Grover, we value communication and fun.  In our dog training classes, behavior consultations, and workshops, you will learn how to use your body, as well as your voice, to communicate with your dog in a clear and effective manner.  Our emphasis on practical skills, like come and leave it, will further alleviate some of the tension that can arise when we force our beloved pets to live within the artificial constraints that characterize the human home.