Dog Training Classes

A Unique Business Model

Our 5-week basic obedience dog training classes are small, which is what makes them so special. Their size allows for custom-tailored and one-on-one instruction. We ensure their small size by scheduling each class in coordination with student interest. Don’t be shy! If you are interested in a class, then contact us with your preferred time frame. We will then market your class to acquire just a few more students. For example, you can request that a class start early January (after the holidays) or mid-June (after your kids are out of school).

Each 5-week dog training class is comprised of 5 one-hour sessions.  The first session is a slide presentation without dogs, during which you will learn about canine behavior and our training methodology.  This presentation is designed to teach you how to better communicate with your dog to make the next four sessions as fun, effective, and rewarding as possible. 

The following 4 sessions address numerous practical skills, including sit, down, stay, leave it, come when called, and loose-leash walking.  A three-phase process is used to teach each skill. Please note that the second to last session is normally held outside, to give students an opportunity to practice their new skills in a more stimulating environment. 

Classes are held in Historic Greenbelt, MD, which is conveniently located off of the Beltway (Interstate 495).  The basic obedience class costs $150 and includes a weekly written summary of the lessons learned in each session, as well as long-term email support.  Join our growing community by requesting a class or reserving a seat in a pre-scheduled one!